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Wagons & Skips Sandblasting

Wagons and skips are not only useful for transporting products and waste, but can often be used as a way to get a business’ name out in the world. If your wagons or skips are looking worn, dirty or old it may be a good idea to give them a new lease of life. Sand blasting wagons and skips will give you a new surface to primer and repaint; bringing them up the state you want your name linked to.

Skip Cleaning

Even for skips that are kept on site, it’s a good idea to maintain and repaint them on occasion to allow for extra usage, as they will not be as affected by rust and the materials they are used to hold.

New City Sandblasting Services Ltd can provide a cleaning service nationwide, all from our base in Preston. Get in touch with us to discuss wagon and skip cleaning via sandblasting by clicking here.